Monday, May 24, 2010

Boys will be boys.

I expect two things when I give my husband and son a project on a sunny Saturday: Someone will be wearing a bandaid by the end of the project, and there will be lots of laughter. However I did not expect what happened. Here's the story.

I asked my husband and son to take down a fort we had built when the kids were little. It was old and ratty and the kids are now teenagers and no longer interested in playing on it. So I gave the men in my life the task of destroying it. Things went well for the first hour. They both worked diligently with a sawall and axe. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw my son roll to the grass writhing in pain and my husband rushing over to his side. I walked to where my son was laying. My husband looked up face pail and asked me to go get a clean rag. I ran into the kitchen brought out a dishtowel. My husband pulled down the waist band of my sons shorts and exposed an open wound the size of a quarterand a deep enough to need stitches. Blood spilled out from the corners. My son lifted his head and said, "Hey you can see my fat cells." "Why yes you can." I replied, "It looks like we're going to the ER." My sons head hit the grass covered ground and said, "It's not that bad just superglue it together." First of all, what is it with men and them thinking superglue can fix everything? "Not going to happen," I said, Let's go."

My husband and I took him to the emergency room where I found out exactly what happened as my husband was explaining it to the nurse. He was swinging the axe at one of the four wooden legs on the fort. As he struck the wood with the axe the wood splintered and the axe slipped out of his hands and hit my son who was standing eight feet away with the blade of the axe on his right hip and split him open. Sixteen stitches later we left the emergency room with photos and a story to tell.


  1. Terrible story as someone was injured. However, funny from the perspective that testosterone effects all men. It is debilitating. It’s not there fault. In fact men should be able to park in handicapped parking spots because of the disabling effects of testosterone on the brain. They cant think, they cant help themselves. Forgive them.

  2. Your post made me laugh. I agree there have been times when the only thing to say after watching some men get together is-testosterone. That one word seems to explain it all.

  3. OK, This is the "Hatchet-Man". All I have to say is that it really was an amazing chain reaction that led to the 16 stitches. I dont think I could do it again if I tried.

    And about the testosterone comment... My 14 yr old son said it best, when telling his mother that there wasn't enough testosterone in our house. She promptly responed with... "There is plenty. There's Dad, You, and the 2 male dogs." Without missing a beat, he replies, "Yea, but as soon as you bring them home, you cut their balls off. Im the only one left that can re-produce!" (sigh') true, true.

  4. pretty sure that I do not want to see any photos.... =)

  5. Are you sure? Because they are really cool.