Wednesday, October 13, 2010

the stupid things I say.

I made a delivery today for my husband to a friend of ours. He came around the corner and said my name and said, "I heard you were looking for me." And I said. Oh yeah, here it comes word vomit. I said, "What you didn't smell me." What! I took a shower before I left, did my hair, put make-up on. And I said that. Really what is it about methat makes me say the stupidest things. I couldn't even believe I had said it I smiled, our friend laughed gave me a hug took the delivery and started talking about something else. Heaven bless nice people who over look my dumb replies.

This is not the first time I've said something stupid. Oh no, it happens on weird bases, like I met one of my husbands clients once and I was looking forward to meeting this man. My sweet husband introduced us, we shook hands and and his client said to me, "It's very nice to meet you." And I said, "I bet it is." Possessed. I'm pretty sure that's what my husbands client thought. Yep he's married to a certified loon. I was so embarrassed that I couldn't even come up with some quick wit to cover my faux pas.

I need help. Please tell me you have said some wonderfully weird and horribly unexplained things at some of the most inopportuned time.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I recently talked to a friend of mine who decided to take a challenge of not cmplaining for one day and then turning that day into a week of no complaining. I smiled at the thought I don't really consider myself a complainer (so I thought.) On Tuesday morning I decided to take the challenge of not complaining for one full day. Now my friend told me that when he took this challenge it actually took him five weeks before he accomplished his goal and then it took him seven weeks before he made it a full week without complaining.

Back to me, so on Tuesday, I tried to go a full day without complaining. I made it a whole three hours before I stopped mid sentence and said to my friend. "I'm complaining."

She looked at me surprised and said, "It's okay it just me. I don't care."

I ended up explaining my new challenge I was undertaking. With greater effort I started over and made it another couple of hours before I did it again.

I have noticed since I'm trying to do this is; most conversations actually begin with a complaint of some sort. I think as a society we are addicted to the process of telling people are gripes and thrive when we get support and people agree with our complaints. The problem I can see is we don't talk about positive things 90 percent of our day is spent on complaints and negative thoughts and only 10 percent on the positive.

So take the challenge and see how you do and let me know how long it takes you to go a full twenty-four hours without a complaint. Good luck. I'll let you know when I accomplish my own goal.