Friday, July 30, 2010

Is the glass half full or half empty

Is your glass half full or half empty with regrets?

I was out to lunch with my girlfriends when the question came up. "Do you have any regrets?" I thought and thought. My girlfriend quickly came up with her answer. She lost a brother at the age of fifteen. He was hit by a car while skateboarding. He was supposed to go the movies with her, but never showed up so they left him. This is her biggest regret. Again, I thought and thought what do I regret or wish I could change. There are so many things that I wish I had done and didn't. However, at the same time if I had done them it would changed the course of the way my life has turned out thus far. I have regrets sure. And I would like to think that I can still change things if I want.

Here's what I would do if I could go back in time. I would ask my father's advice on stocks and bonds and starting a retirement portfolio, before he passed away. I would have finished college. One day I'll go back. It's something I think about all the time. But for now those are my biggest regrets. And I guess if those are the biggest then I haven't done half bad.

So tell me what's your biggest regret?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Can it be!!!

The e-book is out selling hardback and soft covered books according to Amazon. Now, I believe this to be true. That's not what's so hard for me to believe, but what I'm hearing from other's is that they think the printing industry for books will slowly become obsolete. Can it be? I just can't imagine holding a child on my lap with my kindle in my hands and reading to them. Now, I realize the important part is the reading to the child and broadening their imaginations. But what about the pictures that you looked at as a child that took you places as you read the words. The book Where the Wild things Are would not have been the same without the pictures and a myriad of others for that matter. The visual as a child is just as important as the words, I think.

So do you really think that we are going the way of electronic books only? What about holding in your hands a tangible item? Or the smell of ink wafting off of thin paper, or the feel of the spine cracking open on a freshly bound book. I will miss it. Won't YOU? I need the smell, the sound, and the feel of a book in my hands.

Now don't get me wrong there is absolutely a place for e-books but we can not give up on the printed word. It holds magic, mystery, escape, and romance. Okay, so this same argument can be said for an e-books. However, there is one place an e-book can not go where a printed book can at that is where I like to read the most, the bathtub. Now argue that!

Monday, July 19, 2010

A perfect day

I had the most perfect day recently. I was sitting on the beach with my two best friends next to me, with food on my lap, and a book in my hand watching my children and husband playing around in the crystal blue surf. It was perfect. And I was actually so lucky to have two of these days in a row. I'm not sure who to thank for this, God, my husband, my friends, but someone should most definetely be told thank you for these beautifully precious and rare days that I had. So Thank you to all.

Monday, July 5, 2010

To be or not to be?

Every few months I have a conversation with my husband about my flat as a pancake chest. Out in public you would call my figure on top boyish at best or prepubescent, if you get what I am saying. Now, my husband lovingly assures me that there is no problem with the way I am built. And for the most part my figure does not bother me until I am stuck in the summer heat, wearing a bathing suit.
I think this may bother me because I am completely lost without—what I call “my false advertising.” This is the padding in my bra. Hey, where ever I go, it goes, we’re buddies, pals, simpatico as one. I know what you’re thinking because it’s been said to me before. “You can buy pads for swimsuits, you can even buy blow up pads to stick in suits that have a specially designed pocket. For some reason I just can’t do it. I have dreams that they fly out in the middle of swimming or water skiing and they pop some guy in the eye. Then being extremely embarrassed I would end up trying to explain and rendering myself verbally challenged. See this would be disastrous. This is silly, I know especially since I wear padding every day of my life. I know. I just can’t seem to help it.
My other hang up is I work as an aerobics instructor. Some of these woman play, for keeps in my classes. They mean business in keeping their bodies from going, south and in some causes north and east. The reason I mention this is because I have seen some pretty bad headlights in my years of working at a gym. There are also other things I’m not willing to mention, here today.
I guess it comes down to this. I’m okay with my shape and build, I actually do like my body and if I’m only uncomfortable with it on the few occasions I wear a swimsuit, I guess I’m just going to have to learn to be okay with it. Right?

Friday, July 2, 2010

Today, eighteen years ago, I gave birth to a beautiful four pound baby girl, eight weeks early . And although, she came earlier than expected I couldn't have been more elated to meet my first child. Now eighteen years later as I reflect on her life intertwined with mine I realize that I have learned more from her, being my daughter than I'm sure she has learned from me, being her mother.

Happy Birthday baby girl.