Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A new day has dawned

The other day as I prepared another meal for my family. I yelled, "dinner is ready," and then I realized the boy was at baseball, the oldest at work, and the youngest was hanging out with friends. So I sat down with my husband right-wrong he was on a long distance business call and so I asked myself. Why do I do this? The answer; because this is what a good mom does. So I placed things in the microwave to be warmed and waited for all to return home. We ate around eight thirty that night.

The oldest came home and said, "I'm not really that hungry. I ate late."

The boy came home, I placed his food before him and with nose wrinkled. He said, "We're having this again."

Next was the youngest, "I'm not eating that. You know I hate that stuff."

That's it!" I said reaching for a notebook and pencil. "Your job is to make a healthy food menu for dinner this week. One in which each one of you will take a turn making and cleaning up."

Their eyes went wide, but they reluctantly agreed thinking they were going to make a menu of take out and drive throughs.

"Oh no, no." I said wagging a finger in the air. "This will be a menu of home cooked meals not ready made chicken nuggets and ardery clogging materials."
Let's be real for a minute it wasn't going to be the healthest menu, but it was going to be homemade. Our first family meal was Monday. The oldest cooked spaghetti. Tuesday was blueberry pancakes, sausage and scrabbled eggs.

Right now, I am doing the happy dance. I haven't had to cook, or clean up in two days and this has made me very happy. Do I care whats for dinner? No, because I don't have to cook it and no one right now is complaing because their cooking. YAY! This moment isn't going to last but please let me revel in it while it does.

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  1. I love your post! It is so hard to cook dinner and to even THINK about it - you captured the moment very well. I hope they all keep cooking for at least another week. . . .:)