Monday, April 19, 2010

PC verses Mac.

Sorry I haven't written in awhile my computer got a virus from a facebook app and it's been at the computer doctor for over a week. Today's its first day back and my fingers are finally happy and feeling at home plunking on the slippery black keys to type my next blog.

This brings me to the actual subject of this blog which is PC verses Mac.

I chose to buy a PC because I thought it would be easier to work in the writing world with one. My thinking was that most people I know own a PC. The only people I know that own a Mac are graphic artists and designers. So naturally I felt as if I should buy a PC-- which I did. I have sucessfully written six novels, a couple of short stories and a magazine article. However, amongst all my writings I have had the occassional virus and not being computer savvy myself I have to rely on others to fix it and get me running again. Whereas if I owned a Mac my husband would be able to fix it. (I know what was I thinking.) Well here it is. I was thinking that when I sent in a query letter that the publishing companies would have an easier time reading my ms and my formatting would not get messed up in the electronic transfer which all of this is very important when your trying to impress the pants off a publishing company.

Mac side; If I had a Mac computer I would not have gotten a computer virus from facebook. I would not have been without a computer for over two weeks which has put me behind on writing, emails and keeping up with other varies callings. My husband works on Macs and could have fixed my computer. And lastly I would not have had two viruses in the last six months. Yes two so as you can see I'm tired and a little cranky that I keep getting these dang viruses and from facebook no less.

So, today Mac's win! ( I still love you my little computer pal.)
Tell me what's your opinion PC or Mac?


  1. Macs ALWAYS win in my world...but you know---pcs have their perks too. like....hmmm....



    I'm sure there must be one!?!

    ha ha. =) sorry about all the trouble...that really stinks!

  2. I have a Mac and love it! I have Office that is compatible with all PC's.
    I also have a PC side on my Mac that runs my Quick Books! I do not get on the internet when I have my PC side open. I Vote MAC!!!

  3. I agree girls. Now I must save so I can own one. UGH!