Monday, August 16, 2010

Pit falls

The book world is changing at such a quick pace that it is hard for some of us dreaming to be authors to catch up. With the new e-books going crazy and leaving books on the shelves self publishing and self editing seems to be what some are leaning towards.
This is what I'd like to blog about today. Self editing can be a pit fall for some authors. If your someone that has all the skills a writer needs to self edit, congratulations and I am completely jealous. I know that I am not objective enough to edit or critique my own stuff. In fact when my writing group tells me what they are envisioning my novel doing after reading the first three chapters. Sometimes I'm left scratching my head and saying; "that's not what I meant at all." We all perceive things different and I feel (again this is my personal opinion) you need to know what that is as an author.
Asking others question's is not a weakness, its a strength, because everyone of us has had life experiences that shape us and as we read books we attach to those characters we have something in common with. As authors we reach into corners and crevices of the world that we may know nothing about, but we may have someone in our critique group or friend or someone who knows someone that does. That kind of information is invaluable. So reaching out to others and letting them read something that is so personal, that it feels like you've ripped out your guts and are displaying them on a table to be examined. I know this is hard but in the end those things that are the hardest sometimes are worth it.

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