Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A memory from an amazing life.

Since we just had Father's day I thought I would share an amazing moment from the life of an amazing man; my father.
My dad left work at 1:00 every Wednesday to take Jerry, a man who lived nearby to the doctors. None of us knew why, except for my mom. After a few months my father was diagnosed with colon cancer and now was unable to take Jerry to the doctor’s. Jerry, we found out had AIDS and his family had disowned him. My father felt that no one deserved to be alone and others around us felt the same and when my father could no longer take care of Jerry we as a family and neighbors began to help him out. With both of them dealing with their illnesses they kept in touch weekly.
At the beginning of November my father’s condition worsened, we all knew that he only had a few weeks left. A week before his death I had the privilege to hear a conversation between Jerry and my father. (I had him recount Jerry’s side of the conversation when he got off the phone.)
Jerry: “How are you?”
My dad: “I have felt better. I don’t think it will be long now.”Jerry: “I’m really scared to die. Are you?
My Dad: “I’m not. I’m comforted in believing that my family and Father in Heaven await me, when I go.
Jerry: “You didn’t give yourself cancer, but my actions gave me AIDS.” My Dad: “Jerry I believe that your Father in Heaven has already forgiven you.” Jerry: “I don’t know; I just don’t know if I have enough faith to believe that.” My father: “I know you’re scared, I’ll tell you what…I will go first, I’ll check it out and then when it is your time I will come and get you and take you home to our Father. I know that he has forgiven you and that he loves you. Jerry I will come back and get you, have faith and believe.” My father passed away on, Thursday, November 28, 1991 at 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon. Jerry passed away a week later, Thursday, December 5, 1991 at 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon. Was this just a weird coincidence, I don’t think so. After hearing this conversation take place and talking to my father afterwards, I truly believe my father gave Jerry a gift that day. A gift of love knowing that someone who cared about him would come and take him home to his father. And I think the Lord gave us a gift by taking Jerry a week later.

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