Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Words, words, words, it’s all about the words we use, what they mean and how we say them. I watched a movie recently Love Happens with Jennifer Aniston and Aaron Eckhart where Jennifer Aniston’s character writes obscure words poppysmic and quidnunc behind two different paintings.

Poppysmic -- produced by smacking ones lips together.
Quidnunc -- means a nosy or gossipy person, a gossipmonger.
You’re supposed to find her writing on the walls endearing and not what it actually is vandalism. Still it got me to thinking about how much I love words. My mother has always used big words and would make me look them up, if I didn't know what they meant. I wish now I could remember them all.

I thought it would be fun to find some words of my own. Feel free to let me know some fun words that you have found and have heard of or use. I like learning new words and if you can find a way to put them into a conversation—then think just how much smarter will you sound and be. So let’s improve our knowledge and our vocabulary.

obacerate v
1656 -1658
to stop one's mouth
When he swore onstage, several audience members obacerated themselves.
noscible adj
1654 -1654
knowable; well-known
It is noscible that no amount of training can make up for experience in the field.
fallaciloquence n
1656 -1761
deceitful speech
Your fallaciloquence, though charming, will not convince the jury to acquit.
impigrity n
1623 -1721
quickness; speed
The impigrity of the contract's signing led to vexing legal wranglings.
eternitarian n
1746 -1746
one who believes in the eternity of the soul
Though she held to no particular faith, she remained a hopeful eternitarian.

I think I will obacerate at the moment and never fallaciloquence for fear of being judged by impigrity because I am an eternitarian after all. And with that said I hope you will share words that you have seen, looked up, heard or discovered.

I found all these unusual words on the Phrontistery website.


  1. I encourage and applaud your pedagogic endeavors, hope that everyone who follows your writings will see your "joie de vivre" as I do.
    Your ardent nature is definitely a facet of your charisma and appeal. I dont care what anybody says, you do not have bibliobibuli tendencies, and I love and appreciate everything about you. I am so confident in your abilities Im sure you will never be an ecdysiast again, even though you are very eesome.
    So I for one appreciate your epeolatry.

  2. Okay I have to admit I only knew one of those words and had to look up the rest.So may I say I'm glad you like my epeolatry and pedogogic endeavors. And here I thought you didn't remember any of the french you learned. I'm glad you like my joie de vivre and my ecdysiast activities.

  3. Just kidding on ecdysiast activities for those who look that word up.

  4. Larry, how long did it take you to write that comment. HA HA HA. =) I guess I'll have to stick to the simple stuff, my brain can't handle much more. :-)

  5. Anne, Lets just say it took me longer than Id like to admit. I think Ill stick to simple as well.

  6. Oh come on you two you know you want to join me in epeolatry and bibliobibuli.