Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dreams or the likes there of.....

The other night I went to bed like most of us do. And for me going to bed is like leaving this world to become part of another. Dreams free me from the confines of the world I live in and make everything and anything possible. I love going to bed and dreaming it like yoga for some, or a great massage for others. Dreams are where I can experience things I've always well....dreamed of. But the other night, as I quickly fell asleep I began to dream or going grocery shopping. WHAT!!Grocery shopping at not only did I go grocery shopping once I did it over and over again. By the time I woke up I had grocery shopped in my dreams four times. Four times are you kidding me. What happened to going sailing in the ocean in a bikini and looking fabulous or going sky diving with your own abilities because you can fly in your dreams. Oh no none of that on this night. I grocery shopped. So my question is this. What does that mean going grocery shopping in your dream.

I've been told that if you dream your teeth are falling out its because you are over worked or under alot of stress.

Now if you tell me that I dreamt of going grocery shopping because I was hungry I might yell and throw a small four year old kind of temper tantrum. Not that you will hear me but I will. Seriously, I would love to know what you all think it might mean to go grocery shopping in your dreams.

As a side note, I went grocery shopping the next day to ensure I would not dream about going grocery shopping again.


  1. I used to dream about playing tetris...over and over watching those stupid cubes falling and trying to figure out where to place them and getting frantic as they came closer and closer to the top. But I dreamed that...because I used to play way too much.

    I also have had the teeth falling out dream. Still do, every couple months or so. Freaks me out. Maybe the grocery shopping thing means you are stressed as well...trying to prepare for the future but you're unable to do so? Okay...I have no idea=)

    What do you think about dreaming you are back in high school, end of the semester and it dawns on you that somehow you forgot to go to math class ALL year long? You can't find your locker, remember the combo to your gym locker, and you keep thinking Orchestra is during the wrong period. (That's my dream as of late....ughh! Talk about stressful. =)

  2. You be right about the grocery shopping dream. Loved the insight, thanks.

    I have also had the gone to school and forgot to go to one of my classes all year long. I guess they all boil down to we are too stressed out.

    Guess we need a vacation. Hey want to go together and leave everyone else behind?