Wednesday, January 13, 2010 I got a rejection letter.

Hopeful, opthomistic and truthfully maybe a little over zealous, but still what were they thinking. They've met me. Could they not see how articulate, compelling, intellegent and extremly goodlooking I am. Seriously...

Seriously, I got my first rejection letter. I will admit it hurt. Mostly because I had recieved a very positive email saying that I had made it through the first round of reviews and that my book had an appealing voice. Yay! And then they lowered the hammer. When I recieved the next email eight weeks later it was a form letter. I believe, quickly my fingers found the key board and I typed back a request asking for some constuctive feedback. Three days later there was another email in my box with an explanation.

So yes I've been rejected. Its not the first time and I'm sure it won't be the last. However, I'm actually going to look at this as a positive instead of a negative. Why? Because, I may have been told no, but I learned some very valuable lessons, which hopefully will make the next time I submit easier. And who knows maybe next time I'll get an email saying, "We loved your book, you are one highly talented momma, come join our team and we will pay you millions. Okay, maybe I got carried away at the end, but hey, it could happen...right.

So one rejection and one lesson learned.

Thanks for teaching me.


  1. I hate those hard lessons learned...but I suppose that is what life is. Anyhow, it will happen someday---and that is a very exciting thought indeed!

  2. ouch!! that hurts. i'm glad you're looking at it in a positive light. I have no doubt you will be accepted one day.

  3. Thanks you two.
    Anne I'm just hoping I'm not to old when it happens.
    Thanks for the encouragement, Lisa. It means a lot.