Saturday, December 26, 2009

Have I taught the children

This next year holds a lot of changes for our family. My oldest is getting ready to submit her college applications to several colleges and if all goes well will be attending this coming fall. Our second child, a boy, gets his learners permit. By all means feel free to pray. As for the baby, she is starting Junior High School. And with help and guidance from above, hopefully, the mom will get a publishing contract for her first book. These are all the expected changes coming our way. It’s the unexpected changes I can’t factor in that gives me pause.

With all these changes, sometimes I wonder have I taught my children the things they need to know.

Have I taught them to be gracious.

Have I taught them to always, always wear a seatbelt.

Have I taught them to believe and trust in God.

Have I taught them to dream and that anything is possible if they work hard and never give up.

Have I taught them to become all that God wants them to be.

Have I taught them to LOVE and more important to FORGIVE.

Have I taught them to laugh long and hard and as often as possible.

Have I taught them to cherish the small moments because they touch more lives than monumental acts.

Have I taught them to put their napkin in their lap, open doors, and to be aware of those around them.

Have I taught them to give up and go without so someone else may benefit.


  1. I'm positive you have done all that!

  2. OK, call it the time of year, or anything else you want, but This one I have to respond to.(BTW, I am Leslee's husband)

    Yes, we do have a big year coming up, and we are going to love and hate it at the same time. I am excited for our children and want them to get the most out of life, and at the same time, want to keep them home, safe, sheltered, and protected.

    For Leslee to ask if she has taught them what they need to know. hmmmm? Maybe, Maybe not. BUT,

    I can say that...

    Leslee is gracious, both publicly and privately. From a simple open door to great blessing that have been poured out to our family.

    She will always wear a seatbelt, in fact in our family, if your caught without it, "Your on scat duty".

    When your around her, you know she is a tremendous tool in Gods hands. She can draw a smile and joy from all that meet her.

    Believe it or not, not everything comes easy to Leslee, but nothing is impossible and she will be the first to stand when asked to do what seems like the impossible.

    She knows God loves her, and wants to please Him him in all she does. "What would God want me to do?" isn't a consideration, its the only question.

    Believe me, more than once I have needed to be forgiven for a stupid comment, or action. I know its hard to believe, but its true. There has always been understanding and love in her response.

    Laughing is her favorite thing. Next to a good cry, there is nothing better than her infectious laugh.

    Small grins at an inside joke, a light touch in a quiet moment, an encouraging look when your scared, and a visit to a friend at just the right moment. These are not just once and a while occurrences for Leslee.

    Courtesy, and consideration are foremost in her thoughts. She is aware of the needs or desires of others around her.

    SACRIFICE!! All mothers sacrifice. The difference is that she honestly wants the best for her family friends. When you give because you want nothing more than others to be happy, it doesn't feel like sacrifice at all.

    So, when she asks,... "Have I taught my children what they need to know"? That's easy! YES!!! When you teach from example, the message always comes through. When you teach with Love, its always remembered. And, when you teach with respect, Its always appreciated.

  3. Hey Leslee, I can definitely relate! Two weddings this year, so whoo hoo! I appreciate your comments on my blog. I'm adding myself as a follower to yours.