Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Years Everyone!!!

2010 starts with a list of goals and resolutions that this year you’re going to keep and accomplish. And by dang—you mean it this time. No more giving up, no more saying it’s too hard, no more sitting on the couch when you should be doing, no more high fatty foods, no more being ungrateful, unkind and sour faced. NO MORE
How many times have you said these same things to yourself—me thousands.
But this is the year I’m going to change, to do that I’ve decided to shoot low and aim high. I’m going to first set my goal on small project that will make a big impact in my life. Tomorrow first thing, I have set a date with my charming husband to meet me in our bedroom at ten a.m. (You have to peak a man’s curiosity and interest to get him where you want him) and then we’re going to play a little game of hide and seek. I’m going to hide and well, he’s going to find.
Where will I be? In a dark hole where things may creep and crawl and no one knows. Where heaps of outdated, knitted material lay, with stained and blemished cotton drip from dizzying heights. Where clumps of brown, black, beige, and blue meld into a pile of straps, buckles and laces. Where there was once semblance and now there is none. where things once had a place and knew what their function was. Now it is a place, I hold my breath, close my eyes and wish for my time to be short while I visit there. Where am I? My walk in closet.
So my New Year’s Resolution is this, I’m going to clean with my sweet husbands help—my closet. It is a small goal I know, but Its one I can accomplish in one day. Therefore, I can for go all the guilt of years past. And look forward to the New Year with a lighter, leaner, happier, grateful me. See I’ve accomplished all the things I’ve set out to change in the New Year. And this year I won’t need to toss my list away by January 2nd.


  1. A much better way to begin the new year... I do agree with you! I hope you have a beautiful closet now! YAY for goals we can accomplish! They make us so much happier than those we can't!

  2. Larry(The Husband)January 3, 2010 at 1:38 PM

    Boy, was I ever disapointed!! ATTENTION WIVES!! "Meet me in the bedroom" should never be followed by... "to clean the closet". OK, OK, It needed to be done, and does look better, but – REALLY? At least she's happy........ you are happy, right?