Saturday, November 7, 2009


I don’t know how many of you have ever seen the show pretender. It was one of my favorites while it was on. The main character of the show was savant smart, and yet socially able to blend into any environment. The catch is, scientist’s wanted to study his brain and so he was on the run from them the entire time, living in new places, changing occupations as quickly as some people change clothes. Michael T. Wiess, the main character could be anything, a doctor, a lawyer, a pilot, an engineer, he could solve problem after problem. He could do anything, and be anything he wanted.

In kindergarten I wanted to be a nurse, because my friend’s mom at the time was a nurse. Then I wanted to be in the air force after watching the movie Top Gun, and then I wanted to be an accountant. (I’m so glad I changed my mind about that one.) I went to college and majored in Broadcast Journalism, with a couple of law classes.

But being a writer allows me to do all these things and more. I’ve written about architects, divesticators, (People who buy business’ and sell them off into smaller parts for profit.), an accountant, a school teacher. This truly intrigues me. I would love to be able to have the experience of these careers, and the knowledge that goes with them. The possibilities are endless. And while I’m writing my characters are a part of me, and so now I can be a surgeon with a scalpel in my hands extracting an organ or curing cancer or a painter whose painting hangs in the Metropolitan Museum.

I’m sure now you see why I love to write. I can create characters to be anything I want.


  1. You should be an ice skater who falls or a softball player who catches a foul ball with her eyebrow. LOL

    Les, you seriously rock and I 'm so excited for you. Keep it up, stay strong, stay positive! LOVE YOU

  2. Wait, I think we both tried that. Yep, I failed miserably.

    You're awesome, thanks for everything. I love your posts.