Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Christmas letter

Every year I get a Christmas letter from someone that reminds me of just how ordinary I am and how I didn't do anything really exciting to brag about again this year. In turn I never send out a christmas letters like others but this year I've decided to change my ways and send one out. Here it is.

Dear friends and family;

You will not believe what happened this year, while my husband was busy doing geneology we found out that he is related to the Queen of England. We informed the monarchy at once to claim our royal titles and to be put on the Christmas lists of the family. They quickly responded by sending us a letter, welcoming us into the family and inviting us over for a family get together. We fly out next April. We are so excited as you can imagine.
However, that is not the amazing part of our year. Larry and a friend decided to buy an Idaho lottery ticket on a silly whim. Next thing we knew his friend called and declared they had won 56 million dollars to split between the two of them. So needless to say my husband and I after picking up our check went to an investment banker secured some money for our childrens future (College is paid for. YAY!) And then we procured ourselves two new vehicles. I went for the more sensible car and bought a Jaguar it was hard the Mercedes almost won out, but the Jaguar I think will fit our needs better. Now Larry on the other had went for the splurge and bought a McLaren. Pictures posted below. After those purchases we decided that our home garage did not fit the needs of our new vehicles so we bought a new home. I know we were impulsive but the kids seem to love our new home and don't mind only being seen every couple of days. I hope this letter finds you happy and healthy. We are!

The Benson's