Tuesday, September 21, 2010

If something went wrong and you were asked to evacuate your house in ten minutes of less. What would you take?

I've been pondering this very thought all day since we had a fire in my area and 1600 homes were evacuated and some of the residents got less then five minutes to leave. First, I would get my family and animals out, which retrieving my animals may take me more than five minutes in itself. (I have two dogs, two bunnies and a turtle. The last three roam free in my backyard so it would be a game of hide and seek for me to find them.) However, if I had more time I would take my legal documents and my 72 hours kits (which by the way I will be updating since this happened and making sure they have fresh food.) And why I am rounding up kids and animals, kits and documents I'm sure my sweet and helpful husband would be taking apart his computer reassuring it the whole time that everything will be all right. His computer is infact his life, and you may think I'm making fun, but I'm not. We own our own company and my husband is a graphic artist and his computer is the very thing we make a living on. So really that piece of modern technology is coming with us. I'm sure at the cost of some other precious things, but none the less you can't rebuild if you don't have a job and a way to make money.

So have you thought about it? What would you grab if you had ten minutes or less. Would it be sentimental or pratical?


  1. So you lived over there? We could see the smoke from our place, and we had to shut our windows. A situation like that really makes you stop and consider doesn't it? My laptop would definitely be in my take along list. Also my grandmother's original paintings on the walls of our home.

  2. I would grab everything in the goodie drawer. M & M's would melt in a fire, so they need to be saved. Also, the TV remote. I have a hard enough time finding it now. Could you imagine trying to find that sucker after a fire!!! The last thing I would grab I have actually given a lot of thought too. I'd go to the basement and grab the padlock out of the tool box. Why you ask? Well, if my house burns down I won't have a place to live. So I'd have to come live with you. I would definitely need the lock for some privacy!

  3. Wow! Taking my computer make me sound like a techno-nerd, BUT, she's right.......again.