Monday, March 8, 2010

Let's talk... shall we. (Just for your information this is not my fingernail)The other day I was visiting my step-mother-in-law when she noticed my finger nails...they have horitzontal lines in them. She said, "you are allergic to gluten. Lines in your fingernails is a sign of Siliac's diesea's. I came home and looked on my trusty computer for lines in the fingernails. this is what it gave me.

fingernail lines are in the texture of the nail. Because the changes in nail texture are gradual you may hardly notice them to begin with. When you see ridges in your nails check a list of symptoms of low B12; so being dutiful I checked the list on symptoms. There is about a hundred different kind of problems that stem from the lack of B12. Some admittedly are down right frightening. I was going to post the list, however it was so long I didn't even read it all.

Next I tried to do more research. I came up with that ridges on nails can mean you have a serious health problem. I have to admit I know several people with ridges on their nails and they seem to be completely fine.

So HELP! Has anyone ever heard of ridges on fingernails meaning they're allergic to gluten?


  1. I have the ridges to. I hate them. I figured it was because I don't take my vitamins.

  2. Do you think if we start taking vitamins they will magically go away? I'll try it. It can't hurt.